Cielo Azul

Café Punta del Cielo for a 100 % environmental awareness.
We are the first coffee chain in Mexico to use this technology. At Café Punta del Cielo we now use 100% compostable and biodegradable cups. These cups will be used at every of our stores nation and worldwide.
Mexico, D.F., October 2010. – The commitment we have at Café Punta del Cielo to the planet and our customers, led us to create the environmental awareness program called Cielo Azul. This program consists of the development of various activities, with the purpose of creating awareness and sensibility towards the care for the environment. The first of these activities was put into practice during the first semester of 2010. It consisted on neutralizing CO2 emissions generated at our stores. As a result of this, carbon offsets (international mechanism for decontamination) were obtained to sustain environmental projects. Today we can proudly share the second activity of this program; it consists in replacing all of the cups used in our stores nationwide with these new cups that, not only maintain the quality and taste of the coffee, but also are 100% compostable and biodegradable.
Some basic characteristics of this consumable item:

  •  The material covering the cup is made from corn starch and not from plastic, like the conventional cups.
  •  The trees that produce this paper fiber are are certified by the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI).
  •  We use water – based inks for the printing.
  •  It has been certified by the Institute of Biodegradable Products and fulfils all of its international composting regulations.

This new cup represents a huge step for Café Punta del Cielo in the Cielo Azul program, since it turns us into the first coffee chain in the country to use this technology. This cup has been prepared using state-of-the-art technology; assessed under the highest quality and characteristics standards. Subsequent to this, we will place containers in each of our stores, so the customers can deposit their cup there and this way ensure that the cup will be processed for composting. The commitment that Café Punta del Cielo has to our planet and to Mexico runs deep.

Biodegradability tests.

  • Compostable plastics: ASTM D 6400-02.
  • Testing for eco-toxicity of the compost: ASTM D 6868-03.
  • Aerobic biodegradation: ASTM D 5339-98
  • Aerobic biodegradation: ISO 14855
  • European aerobic biodegradation: EN 13432
  • Composting pilot: ASTM D 6868-03
  • Certificate of the Biodegradable Products Institute: BPI.
  • Europe Din CERTCO No. 7P0178.


  • British TAPPI Disintegration tests.
  •  Successful complete recycling plant in the Mississippi River Corporation tests.
  •  Recycling manufacturing residues in the last three years: works correctly in the recycling systems for common paper.
  •  Ecotainers® residues have made recycling very easy by using advanced technologies of paper manufacture.

Approved for of ASTM and EN heavy metal free product testing:

  • ASTM D-6868-03.
  •  ASTM E-1645-01 and EN 613-04.
  •  CONEG EE.UU CONEG4E Models.
  •  ASTM F-963-07 CLAUSE 8.3.
  •  EUROPEAN: EN 13432

Health and Safety: direct and indirect contact for food packaging:

  • EE.UU.: FDA 21 CFR Part 175 170,3 and 176, and VFR 176.170 (c).
  •  Europe: EN 1186, EN 13130, CEN/TS 14234.
  •  Europe: CEN° 1935/2004. CE 80,30, 1-3.
  •  Europe: Administrative 80/590/CEE,89/109/CEE,90/128/CEE, 200/72/EC.
  •  Europe LFGB 80.30.1-3 CE: 64 and 30-31.
  •  Germany XXXVI GR.

These are doses of roasted and ground coffee compressed between two thin paper filter layers with the correct amount of pressure so as to achieve an excellent extraction.

Reduction of Waste:
The Pods guarantee the reduction of waste, as the coffee is ground and compressed in the paper filter.

Inventory Control:
The inventory control is very exact, as to each Pod contains the equivalent of an 8oz. cup.

The Pod includes a tab that does not allow the human hand to go into direct contact with the ground coffee.

Standardization of Flavor:
This system allows us to standardize the flavor of coffee, given that the Pods contain exactly 7g of ground coffee, the exact amount needed to prepare a cup (max. 8 oz). The 20 kg pf pressure and the adequate grind of the coffee allow for a total extraction in an average time of 25 to 30 seconds.

Easy to use:
Thanks to its design, the only step required is to put the Pod in the machine.

Greater Speed When Preparing the Coffee:
Since the calibration of the grind is no longer necessary, and the amount of coffee has already been compressed and calculated, the Pods allow for a faster preparation.


Each capsule contains the exact dose of coffee with the ideal blend, roasting, and grind, in order to guarantee the quality and freshness of the best espresso in Mexico.
In addition, there will be a variety of gourmet teas, also compressed in capsules, to choose from.


  • The perfect espresso
  •  The capsules have an affordable price
  •  Easy and quick use
  •  Minimum training required
  •  100% biodegradable
  •  Reduction of waste
  •  Inventory control
  •  100% hygienic
  •  The highest quality, taste, and aroma of Mexico’s Greatest Coffee
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