We are a 100% Mexican company, dedicated to the production of gourmet coffee in its diverse presentations with a high added value. For Café Punta del Cielo® the cooperation, dedication, and passion that each of our farmers and members bring to the table, allows us to offer innovative products and services, making our coffee shop a top competitor worldwide.


We call ourselves innovative and unique, and we reflect these qualities in the perfection of our products, designed with our proprietary technology, always bearing our customers’ requests and tastes in mind.


Given that our coffee is harvested in the highest summits of the mountains, it is considered to be high altitude coffee, that is to say, it is superior to coffee that is harvested at lower altitudes. High altitudes allow coffee plants to maintain the ideal temperature and obtain the perfect amount of light and oxygen, which allow the trees to grow healthier, and the harvested beans to be of much higher quality.


Therefore, our name symbolizes the fact that our coffee is cultivated and harvested in the peaks of the mountains, very close to the sky. Some might say, at the tip of the sky.


A cup of espresso, seen from above, is a tribute to all the people whose hard work is an essential part of our process. It represents the result of all of our efforts, and all of our technology and innovations put together to obtain and offer the perfect cup of coffee.

Café Punta del Cielo

Café Punta del Cielo

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