We select our coffee using the most discriminatory methods to get a coffee free from any imperfections or damage, complying with all the requirements that characterize it as a strictly high-altitude coffee.

  • (Español) Grain coffe
  • (Español) Vanilla Flavored
  • (Español) American Grind Decaffeinated
  • (Español) Soft Pods
  • (Español) White Chocolate
  • (Español) Coffee Chiapas

Our coffee beans are 100% Arabic, which grow at 1,400 meters above sea level in less humid climates, which contributes to obtaining a coffee with a more intense character. All our coffees are grown in the shade (shade coffee), processed 100% with spring water and sun-dried, thereby obtaining the purest flavor and aroma that coffee can possibly have.


Our great passion for coffee and after several years of research,

have allowed us to develop technology that allows us to package the coffee right after roasting, keeping all its properties intact in order to achieve the maximum aroma and flavor that a coffee can possibly offer. This is thanks to the patent used in this innovative packaging, simply pierce the safety valve to release the incomparable aroma of the best freshly -roasted coffee in the world. Remember that the aroma of our coffee is and always will be the most fresh and pure freshly- roasted.

Café Punta del Cielo

Café Punta del Cielo