Characteristics of the Programme

Why choose Café Punta del Cielo?
Why are we the best option?

  • Because we have the best product.
  • Because we are not just a pretty concept, we are an up-to-date and sensitive company.
  • We are constantly innovating. We have numerous patents and trademarks.
  • We are not just an ordinary coffee bar, we offer 34 different coffee bean blends: premium coffee, “café de olla”, organic coffee. We were awarded best harvest of the year by AMECAFE.
  • Because we are the only ones in Mexico to manufacture espresso capsule coffee machines.
  • Because we are the only ones able to manufacture our coffee machines and our “softpods”, which allow our customers to prepare the best “Americano” coffee, right at home.
  • Because we were classified as one of the best franchises in Mexico, in 2010, by the Secretary of Economy.
  • Because we just started business 6 years ago and we already have 180 operating units.
  • Because we have achieved international acknowledgment with our units in Madrid and Hong Kong.
  • Because our client list includes entities as Grupo Posadas, Aeroméxico, Interjet and Bancomer.
  • Because our franchise has became the best investment option here in Mexico, among other of its kind.
  • Because he offer the best and most complete technical assistance programme.
  • Because 40% of our investors have more than one unit.

What does the franchise include?

When you acquire a Café Punta del Cielo® franchise, you immediately have at to  your disposal, the infrastructure we have developed over the years, so our business can be installed and operating within the minimum period of time possible, so it can star to generate the benefits that are expected. There is no comparison to our technical assistance programme. It covers from the very first moment we contact the prospective investor to the day of the grand opening and the different stages the unit is going to face while it starting to operate.

Stage 1

This initial stage covers from the moment the contract is signed to the day of the grand opening and the unit’s first operating day. This includes the opening Café Punta del Cielo® staff’s support during the adjustment, installation, and opening stage, based on a detailed plan of each and every activity that has to be accomplished during the whole process, including the designation of liabilities to each participant, turning in a schedule and information regarding cost and developments.

a) Basic information to determine the eligibility, and see if you can become one of our franchise owners. (Is this  Is is the business I want and I am able to afford?)

b) Analysis of the application, regarding a profile that has been pre-determined by the company.

c) Advisory services are provided for the research, selection and assessment of an establishment that has been proposed.

d) Advisory services are provided for the development of a market research to determine whether the establishment that has been proposed is suitable or not.

e) Creating and executive project for construction and/or remodelling; utilising the basic distribution of unit blueprints as a foundation, to later be adjusted to the conditions presented at the selected establishment. This includes detailed mechanic guides for the main furniture.

f) Assessment regarding the final investment amount based on the distribution blueprints. This includes an analysis of the unit rates of the investment that going to be made.

g) Advisory services provided for the review of the franchise’s contract.

h) Advisory services regarding the business’ registration.

Stage 2

a) Advisory services regarding all transactions and retention of services.

b) Periodic assessments of the construction site, provided by our personnel who specialises on constructions and new projects.

c) Operating manuals are required to operate and manage the units. This includes a unlimited description of these next aspects: Operating proceeding and methods, a personnel manual that offers a description of the profile of every positions, the corporate image, pre-opening proceedings that indicate the steps that have to be followed for the installation, training manuals and a specialized training for corporate and operating personnel, an inventory list, etc.

d) A training programme provided for every position, prior to the business’ opening. This includes practicing for real situations within our units, considering every possible aspect that involves the business, operating policies, finance, marketing, and customer service, among others.

e) When the units are almost ready, it is a good time to start planning different marking strategies that are going to be applied for the purpose of immediately being on the market.

f) Every requirement for the grand opening has to be fulfilled. Discount coupons, posters, decorations for the establishment, all of these are some important aspects we are going to help you with.

g) Providing the installation of the computer software to control sales, purchases, inventories, etc. and also provide specialized training to the personnel who is going to be handling it.

h) Qualified personnel to provide support at the grand opening.

i) Advisory services regarding the logistic for sales and purchases necessary to install the unit, a side to a determination of the initial inventory, which is required to begin operating.

j) Recruitment and initial selection.

Stage 3

This stage starts the day of the opening and will continue during the validity of the contract.
a) Highly qualified personnel trained during the first days of operation of the unit.

b) Advisory services regarding corporate and operating aspects will continue while the business continues functioning. This includes a comparable measurement result system and an assessment regarding personal performance.

c) Legal assistance concerning work issues.

d) Available training for new or substitute personnel at any time during the validity of this contract.

e) Internal and external marketing and advertisement programmes.

Additional services.

Estos servicios se pueden ofrecer durante cualquier etapa y son un valor agregado que recibe el inversionista a lo largo y durante la vigencia del contrato de franquicia.

a)    Actualización de manuales de operación.

b)   Seminarios y convenciones. Estos pueden ser anuales o varias veces al año.

c)    Asistencia telefónica.

d)   Asistencia vía e-mail.

e)    Curso de formación de instructores para Franquiciatarios.

f)     Asesoría en trámites y situaciones legales de tipo laboral.

g)    Administración y control del fondo de Publicidad Institucional.

Business models

“SA” Model (coffee bar without service at tables).

Average initial investment: 100 thousand U.S.D.

Average size of establishment: 60-80 m2

It has to be located within shopping malls or areas with pedestrian high traffic.

“MA” Model (coffee bar with service at tables).

Average initial investment: 100 thousand U.S.D.

Average size of establishment: 100-140m2

It can be located at independent establishments in residential or commercial areas.

Model Plan

An investment will not be considered in the event of purchasing an establishment.
The investment covers training expenses.
It is required to have the liquid equity and available for immediate use.
The average period of time for the installation is of eight weeks.
The investment includes an establishment in raw structure.
The average time to recover the initial investment is of about 30 months.

Contract and Fees

Duration of contract: 6 years, with the intention of allowing the investor to recover its initial investment, and still remain with a few years to increase its equity.

Franchise fee: 250,000.00 U.S.D; including the cost for the executive project, the computer software, and access to our “technical assistance programme”.

 Royalties for technical assistance: 6%; that will be paid during the validity of the contract

Contribution to the corporate advertisement fund:  2%; that will be paid during the validity of the contract.

Plan for growth

Except within the next cities…

San Luis Potosí (State)

Campeche (State)

Chiapas (State)


Chiapas (State)

Guadalajara (City)

Monterrey (City)

Playa del Carmen

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