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Investor Profile

In the coffee franchise Punta de Cielo ® the most important is to seek out those persons who best suit our business vision, which is why we devote our best efforts to find and select candidates who are willing and qualified to operate one of our franchises.

The coffee franchise Punta de Cielo is adaptable to any type of investor, even though he/she should lack the experience required to operate a business.

Qualities of the Investor

  • Preferably an individual.
  • Age of 30 to 50 years.
  • Indistinct nationality.
  • Marital status indifferent.
  • He must have lived in the place of interest for at least five years.
  • Good physical and mental health.
  • An always positive attitude.
  • Disposition towards sales.
  • High sense of customer service.
  • Managers and administrators, responsible for the entire operation of the franchise.
Procedures for acquiring a franchise

Step 1

Let you know of the characteristics of our “Franchise Program”. Obtain the “Confidential Franchise Application”, requisition, sign, and send it to our office by fax, email (with scanned signature), by courier or in person; whichever medium is preferred, as long as the signature is legible.

Send to: Altavista No.13 Col San Angel. Del. Álvaro Obregón, CP 01000 Phone No: 5616 8515 E-mail:

Step 2

Upon receipt of the above request, we will proceed to its assessment in accordance with the franchisee profile established by the company.

Step 3

If the applicant is considered to be a potential franchisee, he/she will be invited to a meeting in our offices in Mexico City, where he/she will have an interview and participate in a more comprehensive presentation of our concept, as well as participate in a visit to our units.

Where he will have an interview with our experts in different areas, participate in a wider presentation of our concept, and visit our units and factories.

Given that in this interview information is provided and discussed that shows part of the “Know How” of the franchise, the applicant will be required to sign a letter of confidentiality on behalf of the company.

Step 4

Subsequently, the applicant will be provided with the Franchise Offering Circular Letter (FOC), a document that outlines the rights and obligations of both parties as well as the specific features of our program, and the applicant will also receive a letter of intent.

By signing this contract the applicant must make a deposit, to be used as a reserve, equivalent to 50% of the current franchise fee.


Dear investor friend,

For all those who collaborate in Interfranquicias we will be happy to assist you. Interfranquicias, leading firm in the development and marketing of franchises in Mexico and abroad, is proud to have been selected to market under the scheme franchise business conceptCafé Punta del Cielo®, so it will be an honor to go with you through the process of granting and support to be selected to operate a successful franchise under CIELO POINT SYSTEM®.

We will be with you from the first contact, we will review boards doubts, integrate your file, select your local and finally integrate your franchise agreement

No more for now I send a cordial greeting to your orders and hoping to see us soon to develop the project that suits your particular needs.


Malena Nava
55 16 80 20 Ext. 29


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